Master Bob White

Senior Master Bob White

Senior Master Bob White has been contributing to the art of American Kenpo for over fifty-years. On the tournament circuit he won numerous state, national, and international fighting championships. Bob White fought on the National All Star Black Belt Team, which went undefeated in 1973 and 1974. As a teacher and coach, he has consistently turned out some of the worlds finest karate fighters.

Master Eddie Downey

Master Eddie Downey

In 1973 Eddie Downey began his Kenpo career in Dublin’s famous Fitzwilliam Street Kenpo Academy under the late Professor John Conway and later with Professor Maurice Mahon in Baggot Street, Dublin. During his Kenpo studies Master Downey became a close personal friend of the late pioneer of Kenpo Grandmaster Ed Parker, having known him since 1974.

Master Downey was the principal organizer of Ed Parker's numerous visits to Ireland and in 1981 after testing for his 1st degree Black Belt Master Downey began training directly under the supervision of Grandmaster Ed Parker. He subsequently achieved his 2nd degree black belt from Grand Master Parker in 1985 and his 3rd degree black belt in 1988. Grandmaster Parker then appointed Master Downey as a representative for his association in Ireland.