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Kenpo for Kids.
Classes now in Berlin Mitte!

Kenpo Karate is a combination of ancient fighting techniques and modern scientific principles.  A force that will give you the tools to be prepared for almost any possible attack. Every move creates a specific reaction in your opponent; each reaction leads you to your next move. Every strike is a block and every block is a strike. The logical and sequential flow of action is the essence of Kenpo.
Kenpo can be the most lethal of the martial arts. To control the power, you must learn to control yourself. Train your mind as you train your body, developing inner strength, balance, and harmony as you learn.
A Kenpo master is more than an expert in karate. They are a martial artist. They are a master of themself.

American Kenpo Karate Instructors


Paul Jones has been training in martial arts all his life. He has trained in Zendo-Ryu, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Go Kan Ryu, and American Kenpo Karate.

Kids American Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate Kids

Firm but fair. Children want to have fun! They are kids, and this is what kids want. As parents, we know they also need to eat their vegetables. Our classes find the right balance of discipline and fun.

Bob White's American Kenpo Karate

Bob White's Kenpo Karate

We teach Bob White's lineage under Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate curriculum.

Ed Parker and Elvis Presley

Ed Parker

Ed Parker is the founder and creator of American Kenpo Karate. He is credited for introducing Bruce Lee to Hollywood, trained a number of famous people (like Elvis Presley), and opened the first "Americanized" karate school in the western United States.